“Christmas connections 2016”

The project focus on communication. Our pupils exchanged cards and messages. Some schools produced ecards, using Scratch.
The children have learnt from each other about Christmas around Europe, including traditions, carols and food. We have used a number of IT tools( tuxpaint, G.I.M,P Vocaroo…etc), and hold video calls, including a conference carol concert.
Children have taught each other some of their language.
There is a Project Diary linked from schools’ websites.
I has been used for teachers to develop links with partner schools. This has both aided language teaching and learning in our schools and complemented planned professional development using Erasmus+ funding.
The project has facilitated international peer learning. It has fostered an appreciation of the project languages and increased pupils’ awareness of the countries in Europe.24 schools from 14 countries around Europe have been included in it.

Part of the activities can be seen at the public twinspace for the Project.
Logo has been designed by all the participant school choosing one letter from the Project name.

Our school has designed two letters one by 6th graders at Arts and Crafts bilingual section (letter C) and the other one by the rest of Primary groups in a cooperative way (letter N).

this letter contains Spanish and Galician traditions specially at Christmas.

this letters focuses around Pontevedra our town.

Google docs have been used to design the Project in a cooperative way.
A cooperative cooking book has been made by our pupils with traditional Christmas recipes from partner countries.

cooking book


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