“Unesco world monuments in my country”

This is an twinning Project example.


Pupils made a Christmas card for their partners using Tuxpaint and adding images using the interactive whiteboard.


We made an interactive map from Pontevedra  Heritage monuments as part of Saint James way, using Thinglink and scrib.



Dia lets users quickly draw customized flowcharts and diagrams.

We use it to plan writing tasks.


“Las locuras de D Quijote en el S XXI”  is an twinning Project where pupils have written stories where D Quijote comes back To present days to live adventures in Pontevedra and Vic.


Pupils used a wiki within Edixgal platform to write their stories for the cooperative books.


This is one of the stories my pupils wrote.

dquijote 2

Partners at school write their comments on the wiki.



Pivot makes it easy to create animations. Share your animations by exporting them as animated Gifs or as videos to upload to YouTube.

We used it for several twinning Projects with Lieven Van Parys:

@ni & m@te

@ni’ and ‘m@te’ are a girl and a boy travelling around the world. They are twins. They want to visit your classroom, your school, your city or country

Make @ wiz



Children dream about the future… In this project they build a better world, step by step, ‘stone by stone’… They ‘make a wish’ by means of an animation, starring our funny wizard ‘Wizzy’ who represents the ideas of the kids. http://www.sintamandusmeulebeke.be/myworld/makeawiz.htm ‘eTwinning’ Let’s create animations together… One team discovers a problem, makes a wish… and the other team works out a solution. Topics: protection of nature, climate change, environmental pollution (water, air, soil), recycling, energy saving, famine, water shortage, flood, children’s rights, mobbing, arms race, war, poverty, sense of public responsibility, immigration, terrorism, domestic violence…




Project Summary (in Spanish)